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Atlanta, Ga based

A proud multi-hyphenate and boss. Artist- Entrepreneur- Creative Coach- Wife- Dog mom and so much more.

Specializes in the occasional acrylic painting as well as digital art in her cartoony- semi realistic style.

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Goddess Rae

Houston, Texas

Mom, artist, graphic designer and cat mom. Loves social media marketing and playing Call of Duty.

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CTD Philly

Philadelphia based

My creative journey started in Philadelphia. Growing up in an urban environment art and music was always a prominent form of expression for me. I developed an interest in Architecture and enrolled in the Charter High School for Architecture and Design. I went on to receive my bachelors in Architecture from California College of Art. Attending an art school opened up so many creative avenues for me. After graduating and applying to tons of jobs I realized I had to create the perfect job for myself so I started Creative Thoughts Design in 2014. My work is bold, expressive & unique. It highlights the positivity of today's culture using a variety of mediums. CTD Philly provides a range of services: Paint parties, hand painted canvases, canvas prints, paper prints, logo design, apparel graphics, flyers, mix tape/album artwork, murals, and illustrations. We also have an online art shop where our supporters can purchase apparel, prints and accessories!

Timothy Lewis

North Carolina Based

"I'm an aspiring paramedic that loves drawing, comics, and video games. I have a degree in Graphic Design and Devin's brother. I want to help keep his dream alive."

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