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Domain or No Domain?

Updated: Jul 23

When designing your new website, you will be hit with this question. Do you purchase your branded domain or do you keep the free one that comes with your site host? Let's work it out together.

What even is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique set of text that sends someone to your website i.e, or This can be also be considered our websites' home address.

What’s the big deal about having a domain?

One good reason is for brand purposes. We all want to build our digital presence and set the tone for our brand. Read on for more "why's".

  • Your brand will be easily identifiable

  • Shows cohesiveness across your brand

  • Helps you to protect your brand name

  • Shows that you are willing to invest beyond the free stuff (indicates you may be serious about your business)

  • You want to make it easy for your target customer and client base to find you. Don’t make them jump through hoops to remember a long url.

  • Your email address, website and domain should all match. I would even make social media names match as well.

Rule of thumb: When choosing your domain, avoid numbers, underscores and the like. Keep it close to your brand name and optimized for SEO.

When should I purchase a domain?

  • As soon as you can

  • Once the idea for the name is solidified

Fun Fact: You do not need a website in order to purchase a domain. Anyone can buy a domain and at any time.

What if I no longer want that domain name?

You have three options.

  • Let it expire.

  • Sell it.

  • Just keep it.

A lot of entrepreneurs consider domains to be "digital real estate". You can't have too many. There are people with hundreds just sitting unused, waiting for the perfect buyer.

Where can I purchase them?

Sites like Godaddy, Namecheap, Ionos, Google Domains, Bluehost to name a few.

How much do they cost?

Usually around $1 to purchase and $14 the next year

Some are more expensive depending on the extension or the actual name.

I hope this blog post leads you in the right direction when making the choice for your business. All the best to you!

Stay Savvy!

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