BKNK Galleries was a dream started by Devin Lewis. Devin was an amazing supporter and family to the Twitter art community. Before his passing, Devin began organizing BKNK Galleries as a platform for creatives of all mediums; to carry on his legacy, we are continuing Devin’s dream. Through this project, we hope to be able to support artists by helping them gain exposure to a wider audience. There are so many different types of art from artistic styles to mediums used, so why not bring them all together for a creative experience?.  


                 Devin was a son, a father, a friend and a fiancee to Aisha. He left 4 beautiful children to continue his legacy (They are BKNK's namesake, their initials form our name). He saw us (the artists) and was the first supporter for many of us. He always had an encouraging word, a retweet and a shoutout up his sleeve. No artist in his company was left out, he was truly a brother to us all. He took great pride in his art collection and many of us can proudly say we were one of his favorites. May he rest on in paradise and smile down on his dream being fulfilled. Furthermore, we hope to make this gallery something that Devin would be proud of.


In remembrance of Devin Lewis, thank you for visiting BKNK Galleries.


 -OG and The BKNK Family

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